Who Knew The Bowery Poetry Club Would Be a Player in Fashion Week !!


Catherine Fulmer, 4th from left from her 2007 collection

Designer Catherine Fulmer and entrepreneur Avi Oster yesterday hosted Southern Crawl, an evening of fashion and music, featuring a presentation of Fulmer’s Fall 2011 women’s collection along with music by emerging Soul singer Marla Joy and a special appearance by renowned New York DJ Paul Sevigny….Southern Crawl was held at the Bowery Poetry Club, the quintessential New York City poetry performance space that is home to established and up-and-coming artists….

via Marketwire

How’d this happen?  Well, we think Mike Herman and the new Bowery Beef shop had more than a little to do with it setting up that connection.  BTW – starting next week Blue Ribbon coffee and $5 Roast Beef sandwiches.

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