What’s Happening this Fall?

Coming to CB#2 Manhattan in September …or October

NoHo-Bowery liquor licensed locations

Please sign the on-line petition TODAY regarding further liquor licensing along the Bowery Corridor.

We need to show  fresh signatures.

SLA Applications and Negotiations:
CB#2 Hearing:   Tues., 9/11 @ 6:30 PM-St. Judson Memorial Church, 239 Thompson St. Meeting Room

302 Bowery, not previously licensed; Slainte, 304 Bowery; 308 Bowery, previously Bowery Poetry Club, proposed site for Duane Park, Crime Scene, 310 Bowery

PGT/Slainte, 304 Bowery-There are actually two applications that are returning to this Committee this month.  The first changes corporate ownership to Tom O’Byrne a founding partner in the original corporation.  The second corrects an error in the current license that does not add the sidewalk cafe to the interior OP license.  Neither application alters any previous operation or agreements between Slainte and our community.

Tues., 9/11 @ 6:30 PM–Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South, Meeting Room

Duane Park, 308 Bowery– Will be making application to replace the current Bowery Poetry Club from Tuesday thru Sunday night.  Duane Park is a burlesque supper club that has been operating in TriBeCa for more than 10 years.

Marissa Ferrarin, a principal, plans to transform this space to be a full-out restaurant with a small front bar and waiting area with table service for approx 76 and a stage area for burlesque and jazz performance.  The method of operation adds full-out dining and ,of course, the addition of a kitchen.  Ms. Ferrarin is willing to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with NoHo-Bowery Stakeholders, Inc.

Subject to discussion are:  hours of operation, guarantees regarding HVAC noise and kitchen ventilation (the building is surrounded by taller residential buildings and rear yard extrusions); management of events and street security; waste management; Public Assembly Permit which is currently combined with Crime Scene.

Tues., 9/11 @ 6:30 PM–Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South, Meeting Room


Josh Pickard, Andrew Carmelini, Luke Ostrom principles of newly themed French restaurant at 380 Lafayette St.

Former Chinatown Brasserie/Lafayette Street Partners II d/b/a TBD, 380 Lafayette St- 2 bars)– The announced plan, so far is for  French themed restaurant, not too dissimilar from Il Buco Alimentari, though no definitive description is currently available.  As to method of operation, the particulars will not change from the Chinatown Brasserie.  The partners are willing to re-affirm previous understandings regarding hours of operation, total occupancy and use as well as means of managing waste, events and general security in a letter of understanding attached to the license application, with NoHo-Bowery Stakeholders, Inc.  The new establishment will also retain the sidewalk cafe.

Tues., 9/11 @ 6:30 PM–Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South, Meeting Room

The former Hung-Ry restaurant space on the left and the current Mile-End Sandwich Shop on the right, both housed in the 55 Bond St. lot

55 Bond St. – This is the former Hung-Ry location which was denied the original Wine and Beer license at CB#2 but gained it at their SLA hearing.  The location was never previously licensed and had operated as a manufacturing business from its inception.  A BSA Variance application for change of use was never pursued.  A subsequent full OP license was denied.  The current applicant is unknown.  The application is fully applicable to a 500 ft rule hearing with more than 20 licenses within 500′ of this location.  NoHo residents and property owners are urged to sign the on-line petition which will be necessary to defend against an approval and to send letters of objection to CB#2.

This address is also inhabited by the new Mile End Sandwich Shop which hopes to gain favor for a wine and beer license later this year.

Tues., 9/11 @ 6:30 PM–Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South, Meeting Room

Coming soon

The Culture Project, 45 Bleecker

A newsstand here will certainly complete this block's Times Square motif. Ugh !


An application will be heard next week for a newsstand at the northeast corner of Lafayette and Houston.

Mon., 9/10 @ 6:30 PM – St. Patrick’s Youth Center, 268 Mulberry St.


27 East 4th St.UPDATE:  This item was supposed to be on a LPC – 09_11_12 Agenda .  It is NOT listed.  Obviously it will be rescheduled again. There is great concern that this seven-story proposed building will be a physical if not aesthetic threat to The Merchant’s House next door.  You should check back regularly at GVSHP for updates on hearings or at The Merchants House.  Your letters are also appreciated; samples can be found at both sites.

45 Great Jones St. – The design has been approved at Landmarks, which altered the plan to reduce the two-story penthouse and added a seventh floor.  The total FAR remains 5.0, however.

Land Use

In its restored state, 36 Bleecker will return to Brick and Marble with a Cast Iron base on the Bleecker St. side

36 Bleecker St. – Some work on the interior has begun in removing toxic materials from the cellar.  Removal of exterior paint will occur throughout the Fall.  Landmarks has not given its final approval yet on the restoration.

8-10 Bond St. – This item will be heard at CB#2 Zoning Committee this month for a BSA application seeking a change of use to residential.  There will be ground-floor retail on the Lafayette St. side which should be limited to non F&B uses.  The contextual design has been approved at Landmarks

372 Lafayette372_Lafayette_Street.Fact_Sheet_1 Removal of toxic waste and soil at this site will begin this fall.  Though tests have not forecast extreme contamination all neighboring buildings and businesses have been notified.  There are likely to be traffic impacts from equipment and site coverings, however.

22 Bond St - Originally the site of the "Gorilla Gate" for the hotel, then the four-story townhouse/maisonette, this may become the main entrance for the building itself, and remain at three stories.

25 Great Jones/22 Bond – The proposal for a change of use to residential has now been heard twice at the Board of Standards and Appeals.  At issue is the 5.99 FAR and the overall height of the tower on the Great Jones St. side.  The owner/developer, SDS Great Jones is so far unwilling to tear down two stories of the already built concrete structure and is investigating feasibility of a ground-floor and below-grade retail use on the Great Jones side (with the currently configured set-back street-wall) and moving the main entrance of the building to the Bond St. side.

Unless further analysis indicates a higher return on the presently configured  FAR 5.0 building with residential build-out, the application could be withdrawn and the currently as-of-right hotel use again pursued.

In the meantime there have been extensive meetings with community stakeholders on a Memorandum of Understanding for the protection of adjacent properties and construction impacts on the neighborhood.

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