Voting Bulletin

In the rush to accommodate voting the Board of Elections has incurred many obstacles.  Here’s a voting bulletin that appears in today’s DNA Info.

Adolph Klainberg, a NoHo neighbor and long-time poll worker at the JASA voting location, at 200 East 5th St.  has passed on the following voting bulletin:

The site has been consolidated from 7 Election Districts into 3 Election Districts, 25, 28 and 29. Our district is still 25. There were long lines this morning but the line for ED 25 was the shortest. You can skip checking in at the front desk and go directly to the ED 25 line, which is the last one at the far end of the room, as you enter (Directly in front of the privacy booths). Please inform your neighbors.-

Below is the list of addresses in the 25th Election District served by this location.

Also, from Borough President Stringer – some additional voting information that may be helpful for friends who may be having difficulty with their poling location or find one without broken machines:

Now, more than ever, New Yorkers should embrace this civic duty and right and cast their ballots before polls close at 9 p.m. To find out where your polling place is located, visit Over 60 polling places have been changed from complications due to Hurricane Sandy. To find your alternate polling location, click here. Governor Cuomo also announced that displaced voters may cast affidavit ballots at any polling place in the state.