With an entirely new roster of City office candidates and a largely rookie City Council, the 2013 election will seriously affect us on any issue, hyper-local to state-wide.

Liquor license density, development, construction, traffic, zoning, variances, landmarks, environmental protection, parking, bike lanes, plazas, parks, sanitation, infrastructure repair, agency enforcement and follow-up – these are just a few of the everyday issues in which the NoHo-Bowery area engages. With an extensive new slate of elected officials each agency or commission with which we interact on a regular basis will likely have new leadership as well; staffing/restructuring will take months if not years; access, protocols and guidelines will change.

This does not mean that policy and budget issues like affordable housing, education, economic development/small business growth, security (environmental and human), aren’t important, or that a change in long-term planning and goals shouldn’t be addressed.  But, the effects of new leadership will definitely impact management our everyday issues; hands-on experience has never counted more.

If you have registered with a Party affiliation you’re in the game for TODAY’S Primary. There is a wide selection of candidates, narrowing this down to a wisely chosen few  will pretty much determine the outcome of the final election. Today is probably the most important election day of the last two AND the next eight years.

Need to know your polling place?