Urban Homeric Hymn Comes to Bowery Wall


Urban Homeric Hymn to Poseidon, by Pichi & Avo

Urban Homeric Hymn to Poseidon, by Pichi & Avo now graces the Bowery Wall funded by Goldman Global Arts.

Based in Valencia, Spain, the duo Pichi & Avo started painting together in 2007.  They are recognized for their ability to ignite relationships between art, space and social contexts.  Their style which often features ancient gods set amongst an urban graffiti background, perfectly melds together the deconstruction of classic and contemporary art thus creating a new fusion or genre of art. 

This appears on the new plaque next to the Bowery Wall mural.  With a little Google sleuthing we found the pair to be globally recognized.  “Pichi and Avo have infused a stunning level of figurative detail into their work. Hints of surrealism leap out and slap the viewer about while drawing you into a radiant explosion of unrestrained, spraypainted talent,” says Grafitti Street. This Urban Homeric Hymn certainly lives up to their reputation.

ISupportStreetArt expounds, “Creating a massive stir in their hometown and just about to set the rest of Europeablaze. Pichi & Avo are one, fleeing the egocentrism of graffiti and come together to give birth a single work, two similar visions of the world are a result of their work.”

You’ll find a pleasing arrray of some of their other work at WideWalls.

Once again, we are terrifically proud to be the home of #BoweryWall @goldmanglobalarts

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