Tweaking Lafayette Street’s New Design, Let’s Get it Right

Tweaking Lafayette Street's New DesignTweaking Lafayette Street’s new design has commanded our wrapped attention since the installation of the protected bike lane.

..among the concerns are parking regulations for daytime deliveries, evening parking, safe design at intersections, safe means for hailing and embarking from taxicabs.

The narrowing of what was once considered a “boulevard” has noticeably altered vehicular and pedestrian travel. We had the opportunity to discuss tweaking Lafayette Street’s new design  with  Nina Haiman of the Department of Transportation and with Shirley Secunda, Chair and Maury Schott, Vice Chair  of the CB#2 Traffic and Transportation Committee on Wednesday, May 29th.  You can see the presentation here.

There will likely be hearings for recommendations at CB#2 regarding design at the Houston-Lafayette intersection, Astor Place intersection and changes to regulations for metered parking – deliveries on side streets,  Lafayette St. night-time parking and installation of Taxi stands. We will let your know when these occur.

In the meantime we are hopeful that the day time parking regulations will be instituted and consistent from Houston to East 4th St. and East 4th to Astor Place – allowing for deliveries Monday-Friday 7AM-6PM.

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