The Il Buco Pig Roast Returns – UPDATE

 Il Buco Pig Roast Simmers Down.

Postponed several times, the Il Buco Pig Roast got off the Belgian Blocks early Sunday morning, Oct. 4th.  An inspector from the NYC Street Activities Permitting Office (SAPO) was on hand to be sure that pit, tables, chairs and barriers were as mapped and then stayed around for another three hours as the smoke billowed from the pit, neighbors assembled to be sure patrons were kept from their sidewalks and the owners of 54 Bond, with just unveiled restored cast iron, watched the grease attach to their very expensive new facade.

Il Buco’s patrons, fewer than in years past, journeyed to NoHo to partake of the storied pig, platters of complimentary specialties and wines.

While CB#2 consistently requested a denial of the permit, SAPO allowed it with a long list of qualifications.  Perhaps next year Il Buco will determine that the event is too costly and that another kind of promotion would be wiser.

August 7, 2015

In spite of an agreement in 2010 when Il Buco traded the annual Pig Roast for the approval of a second liquor license in NoHo (for Il Buco Alimentari) where there had not previousy been a license, the owners are again asking for control of Bond St. to hold their annual event.  They have ignored their neighborhood agreement several times.

So, for anyone in the neighborhood who would like to express an opinion regarding the approval of this event, scheduled for September 20, to the Street Activity Committee, here are the details:

Mon., 8/10 @ 6:30 PM- NYU Silver Building, 32 Waverly Place, Room 208

  • Item #5  9/20/15 – Pig Roast 2015 Special Event, 47 Bond St. between Bowery and Lafayette St.

You can attend the meeting and voice your opinion, or you can e-mail District Manager, Bob Gormley who will forward your testimony to the Committee.  You can read the testimony submitted to CB#2 by NoHo-Bowery Stakeholders here.

And here are the images from last year’s Il Buco Pig Roast.  Interpret as you will…

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