SLA Applications

Here are the NoHo-Bowery August Updates from previously discussed SLA applications and developments. Community Board #2 does not formally meet in August, though a few Committees will meet to review pending applications scheduled at some City and State agencies…among them the NYS Liquor Authority and the Department of Consumer Affairs (sidewalk cafes). Full Board approvals of any resulting resolutions will not occur until September, however.

Liquor Licensing

The former Hung-Ry restaurant space on the left and the current Mile-End Sandwich Shop on the right, both housed in the 55 Bond St. lot

The former Hung-Ry restaurant space (now Le Philosophe) on the left and the current Mile-End Sandwich Shop on the right, both housed in the 55 Bond St. lot

Mile End Sandwich, 53 Bond St. 10012 – Denied at their first application.  Though the Street #’s imply differently, this is the same lot as #55 Bond.  Both NoHo-Bowery Stakeholders and CB#2 have objected to this application, particularly since additional information and criteria were revealed at the July hearing.  This application may return to CB#2 in September or they may advance to the SLA regardless.  We’ll be watching.  

Kings 55 Group, Inc. d/b/a Le Philosophe, 55 Bond St.10012.  Opposed at the first application but granted at SLA because of prior W&B. Application is for an alteration to add a sidewalk cafe to their license.  CB#2 SLA Committee referred to the Sidewalk Committee before they would rule on a liquor license application.  It may be moved to the August Sidewalk Committee which meets on, Monday, 8/12, 6:30 PM – NYU Silver Building, 32 Waverly Pl. Room 208. There may be more updates to come on this one.

Can Carlos, 5 Bleecker St. 10012.  New Proprietor and venue at the location where we have enjoyed Bianca for many years. The applicant will be seeking a wine and beer license, only.  A Community Agreement is anticipated. While we are heart-broken to lose Bianca the owners are hoping to open at another location nearby.  POSTPONED pending community meeting regarding venting and HVAC.  Expect this will be heard in September.

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