Perennial Planters Coming This Fall

This Fall NoHo Will Have Perennial Planters

Perennial PlantersWe recently met with Cordelia Person of the NoHo Bid about perennial planters for the Lafayette St. median. It was agreed that the geraniums will be replaced by perennials in September.  Her grant from Councilmember Chin is tied with PlantWorks for this year.  Most of you may recall PlantWorks from their original location on East 4th St.; they are also maintaining the Edison Parking lot green fence, btw.  Next year NBS will also apply for a grant from Councilmember Chin to help with refurbishing and caring for the planters.

Ms Person asked for our suggestions (we did reach out for others who might be interested in coordination, but heard back from NOBODY;  surprising, particularly since the outrage at the planters replacement with gerraniums was particularly vociferous.) 

Here is the list of the suggestions we made, which will be passed on to PlantWorks for their advice about feasability in this location:

Perennial Planters_Perovskia*Perovska: 
Blooms late summer into fall; hearty thru snowfall




Perennial Planters_Lady's Mantle and Coral Bells

Lady’s Mantle and Coral Bells Black Beauty

Lady’s Mantle:  
Blooms early summer but leaves bright thru late fallDoes prefer some shade

*Coral Bells:
Coral Bells are classified as an evergreen; very drought and sun tolerant.


Perennial Planters_Blue Salvia

Blue Rerennial Salvia

*Perennial Salvia:  18″ growth high, full sun,
Blooms summer to fall





Perennial Planters_dwarf heather

Heather (Calluna Vulgaris)

Heather:  dwarf variety –
Blooms early spring and in fall.  Hearty thru snowfall.

All of these can be planted in September in NYC.  Nice coordinated variety of colors, and graduated sizes, all perennial, all hearty.