One Big Ashtray

NoHo’s Plazas…One Big Ashtray

image of cigarette butts on cooper square one big ashtrayThe chaos at Astor Place and Cooper Square continues.  Roads torn up; Plazas unfinished.  At present they’re one big ashtray, with the Department of Design and Construction (DDC) leaving everyone in the lurch.

Four plus years from the start and well past several promised completion dates the Cube hasn’t returned, the The Mosaic Man light posts haven’t been finished (there’s a crowd funding campaign underway to subsidize the cost), none of the planters have been filled, there are more dead trees than live and apparently it will be several months before the City will complete construction (plazas and roadways).  Right now, the enterprise is one big ashtray and garbage receptacle.


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Guess we weren’t the only ones to notice.  Jamie Lustberg, a Broadway neighbor, had already prepared a whole presentation.

logo for the Astor Alive FestivalWe are hopeful that the Astor Alive Festival, Sept. 16th and 17th and overseen by The Village Alliance with some collaboration from NoHo-Bowery Stakeholders can somehow decorate things up enough to cover the mess DOT and DDC has left us.

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