NYPD Gives NoHo Its Own Neighborhood Policing Unit

Neighborhood PolicingWe were please to meet Officers David Hartmann and Ian Callan last week to discuss their new assignment heading up the Ninth Precinct’s NoHo Neighborhood Policing Unit.

The ONLY such unit in Manhattan South, our Neighborhood Policing Unit has been given more time and opportunity to collaborate with residents and businesses in identifying and solving local problems and crime.  This new initiative provides us constant presence and contact with officers (leadership and patrol) solely focussed on our neighborhood.  It is also their job to coordinate with all Ninth Precinct departments.  Now you can contact them directly (click on their names above)  INSTEAD OF CALLING 311.

From their announcement:
     It is a new way of doing business for the NYPD and we need your
help to make it work.  We want to hear from a broad range of voices
about what it will take to make all the residents of our neighborhood feel
safe and secure.  Please join us for what we hope will ve a lively
and productive discussion.

NoHo-Bowery Stakeholders will take an active role in collaboration with this Neighborhood Policing initiative going forward.  We have made some introductions, shared some initial concerns – the two-week pop-up event on Bond St. being one of them – but other concerns as graffiti, homeless overnight campers, and robberies are on our radar, too.

Officers Hartmann and Callan have been introducing themselves to resident buildings and businesses that have video cameras – very helpful when street crimes occur.  If you haven’t met them, introduce yourself, and your door security personnel.

You can also follow the Ninth Precinct on Twitter and on FaceBook, by the way.