NoHoManhattan Tweets

twitter_newbird_boxed_whiteonblueWe have mentioned this several times before, but NoHoManhattan has its own Twitter account…and we are tweeting NoHo-centric headlines on it regularly.  You can see today’s selection in the column to the right.

What do we flag?  Anything that reflects our passions, interests and need-to-know:  real estate, design, art, data, trends, legislation, reviews and profiles of our restaurants, chefs, merchants.

Currently, we follow 107 sources including NYTimes City Room, Politico, City & State, DesignBoom, Cool Hunting, The Daily Beast, New York Observer, Dezeen, Wallpaper, The New Yorker.  We are followed by 110 bloggers and journalists, among them:  The Daily News, the NY Post, DNAInfo, Halstead Property,, The Villager, The LoDown, EVGieve, Bedford+Bowery.  Also on our watch list are all the tweets from our elected officials.

If you have a Twitter account (highly advised because it is a great way to drill down content from trusted sources on your PDA or Cell  – over breakfast, in a taxi, riding the bus, while sitting in a waiting room, while waiting for your lunch date to show)  follow us.  @NoHoManhattan

And, if you think there are some topics NoHo-Bowery neighbors should include, let us know.