NoHoManhattan February Fine Art for Many Pallettes

Here’s the NoHoManhattan February Fine Art

With artists from Brooklyn to India, contemporary to historical, in mediums from canvas and paper to digital projection and performance NoHoManhattan February Fine Art continues its edgy tradition.

NoHoManhattan February Fine Art_Aicon-GalleryAicon Gallery
35 Great Jones St.

Jayasri Burman, Born of Fire: A Tail of Our Times

The exhibition is largely comprised of eleven large-scale works on paper including a monumental triptych all centered around the story of Draupadi.
Mohammed Kazem, Ways of Marking
For Kazem these works possess a synesthetic quality. They function as highly subjective but still tangible records of otherwise intangible and immaterial experiences like sound, light, time and movement.

January 19 – February 24, 2018


Eva PresenhuberNoHoManhattan February Fine Art_Presenhuber-gallery
39 Great Jones Street
Group Show:  Jean-Marie Appriou, Martha Atienza, Dora Budor, Shara Hughes, Iman Issa, Justin Matherly, Tobias Pils, Magali Reus, Yves Scherer

Nine artists from different countries and generations working in different mediums and materials. Highly heterogeneous in terms of approach, materiality, and media, the works are connected by a kind of  archeological interest in excavating layers of a certain field, be that implications of the subconsciousness, invisible parts of a certain culture or forgotten yet influential parts of art history.

January 20 through February 24, 2018

NoHoManhattan February Fine Art_Zurcher-BogatGallerie Zurcher
33 Bleecker St.
Regina Bogat:  The 90s
Scraping, pouring, applying dry pigment and layering were among the techniques Bogat employed in the 1990s, creating works with great depth and texture.
From the moment a Federal Art Project (WPA) teacher told Bogat’s parents their young daughter had talent, she has focused on being an artist. Bogat spent the summers and weekends of her childhood at the Art Students League. Self-motivated and independent, she also drew and painted at the Metropolitan Museum of Art copying Rembrandt and Velasquez. She studied with Burgoyne Diller – a protégé of Hans Hofmann – at Brooklyn College, under Bauhaus influence, and monitored Will Barnet’s painting class. Bogat was influenced early on by “Aesthetic Realism”, founded by the poet and philosopher Eli Siegel (1902 – 1978) based on the « theory of permanent opposites ».
January 23 through March 2, 2018



LaMama Galleria
47 Great Jones St.

Gallery Hours: Thursday to Sunday 1 to 7PM, or by appointment

NoHoManhattan February Fine Art_LaMama

Jarrett Key, Co-presented by The Bellwether & Codify Art:  Hair Paintings and Other Stories

Hair Paintings and Other Stories re-imagines the collective bodily memories and rituals of the Black community by engaging its narratives of strength, courage, and resilience in an examination of past, present, and future. Co-presented by The Bellwether (Drew Broussard, Jordan Kisner, Dani Lencioni) and Codify Art (Sharina Gordon, Jarrett Key, Jonathan Key, Kat JK Lee, Leandro Zaneti)

February 6 through March 4, 2018

NoHoManhattan February Fine Art_Hole-Gallery_PragerThe Hole Gallery
312 Bowery
Vanessa Prager:  In the Pink
In fourteen new paintings, Prager backs away from the face to paint bodies and scenes, solo or group, mostly outdoor, all nude. A series of works from the very tiny “Nasty” up to a midsize canvas “Candace at Night” show a female nude sitter with legs spread. Other works depict duos or ménage à trois, scaling up to the giant triptych in the main gallery “Party of Eight”; which looks to be quite a party.


Anne Vieux:  Command Field
Vieux works in the great tradition of artists who use tools wrong. Innovation through misuse is a key part of how artists are responding to technology, and here the artist starts by confounding the CCD array of a scanner by training it on holographic paper. The light source of the scanner explodes the spectrum of the paper and the lens records an other-worldly topography of insane colors and shapes.
February 3 through March 4, 2018



NoHoManhattan February Fine Art_Grey-Art-GalleryGrey Art Gallery
100 Washington Square East
The Beautiful Brain: The Drawings of Santiago Ramón y Cajal is the first U.S. museum exhibition to present the extraordinary drawings of Santiago Ramón y Cajal (Spain, 1852–1934), the father of modern neuroscience. Cajal’s astonishing depictions of the brain—which combine cutting-edge scientific knowledge with consummate draftsmanship—offer much greater clarity than photographs, so much so that they are still in wide use today.
Baya: Woman of Algiers is the first North American exhibition of works by the self-taught Algerian artist Baya Mahieddine (1931–1998).  Baya’s colorful depictions of women, rhythmic patterns, and bright palette drew the attention of Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso, with whom she later collaborated in the renowned Madoura pottery studio in Vallauris.
Through March 31, 2018


NoHoManhattan February Fine Art_NewMuseum-MangenheimerThe New Museum
235 Bowery
Sara Magenheimer:  Noon
Working across a range of media including video, sound, performance, sculpture, collage, and installation, New York–based artist Sara Magenheimer (b. 1981, Philadelphia, PA) disrupts, manipulates, and defamiliarizes language with bold combinations of image and text.
Through April 15, 2018






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