Merchant’s House Museum Restoration – 29 East Fourth St.

Rear scaffolding for exterior restoration

Thank you Council Member Rosie Mendez for the $598,000 from the New York City capital budget allowing the six-month restoration project, which began last spring, on the 179-year-old Merchant’s House Museum

According to Pi Gardner, the Museums stalwart Executive Director, repairs to the cracked stucco on the rear façade are under way. Once completed, the stucco will be painted. The original 1832 windows are being removed, floor by floor, and restored, with UV protection. (The windows on the front façade were restored in 1998.) Next up will be repairs to the gutter and cornice to correct poor drainage.

In a few weeks, the electrical system will be upgraded, last undertaken over 40 years ago. And beginning in September, interior plaster finishes in the front bedroom and study, caused by water infiltration from the roof, will be restored. (The roof was repaired in 2006). Plaster finishes in the first floor hall, now severely cracked, will also be restored.

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