June Hearings at CB#2

June hearings at CB#2 include liquor licenses, more news on the water tunnel site on East 4th St. and possibly a late month Landmarks Committee hearing on 383 Lafayette St.

On Wednesday, June 4th there was an update on DEP Shaft 31B Fence Installation. This is the location on East 4th St. between the Merchants and Skidmore Houses.  We did not attend but will inquire as to the outcome.  Last we knew this land is not planned to become a public park for a variety of water tunnel operational issues.  There has, however, been some vandalism (tagging) and the shakey fencing is to be replaced by a historically compatible wrought iron fence of considerable height.  What needs to happen is the installation of a video camera – either by the City or through private means in order to keep the area safe and the buildings on both sides secure.

June Hearings at CB#2On Wednesday, June 11th there will be a Zoning Committee hearing (Little Red School House, 272 Sixth Avenue, Auditorium)  on 736 Broadway (south of Astor Place) BSA Calendar #108-14-BZ: an application to the Board of Standards and Appeals seeking a variance to allow Use Group 6 commercial uses on the first floor and cellar of the building at the premises, which is located within an M1-5B zoning district.  This location has previously had sporadic retail probably disguised as wholesale.  This application will seek to legalize the situation.

On Thursday, June 12th the SLA Committee will hear two NoHo applications (St. Anthony’s Church, Lower Hall, 151-155 Sullivan St)

316 Bowery, Saxon+Parole which has done some interior alterations for which the SLA requires an updated application.  We are finalizing an updated MOU with Saxon+Parole (replacing the original of 2006) that will be attached to the application and presented to CB#2’s Committee

25-Bleecker_First Try25 Bleecker, Robot LLC.  Application is for a Wine and Beer license, we understand for a Beer Hall!  Guess they figure that Tom & Jerry’s, Slainte and the Wren aren’t beer-centric enough!  The three-stories of full glass windows to the street will more than make up for the minimum landmark-appropriate signage that will be allowed.

Also, be forewarned – the next application on Bleecker St will be across the street at The Sheen Center – a MUCH BIGGER FIGHT – over a full OP license.  It is going to be essential that CB#2 and the SLA understand the volume of civic opposition to more licenses here – especially mid-block.  BE THERE.

  • The 25 Bleecker applicant has hired strangers to collect signatures and has made no attempt to contact NBS or other local stakeholders regarding their plans.
  • Because there has never been a license at this location, we have a better chance of getting the State to listen to us; especially since they do know how saturated we are.
  • Because it is located mid-block among predominantly residential stakeholders and our area is otherwise oversaturated, there is a better-than-average chance that our objections will be heard.

On Thursday, June 19th CB#2’s Full Board will meet at 6:00 pm Scholastic Building, 557 Broadway, Auditorium.  Should you have any concerns about the outcome of Committee hearings, this is the place to address the Full Board to make changes in the proposed resolutions.

June Hearings at CB#2On Monday, June 30th there is another Landmarks Committee hearing at 6:30 pm (NYU Silver Building, 32 Waverly Place, Room 411 ) at which the 383 Lafayette St. application is likely to be heard.  Read past coverage.  We are most pleased to announce that NYU, NoHo-Bowery Stakeholders and other contiguous owners have signed a thorough and generous MOU regarding protections and construction protocols.  It will be attached to the Landmarks application.  (No City Planning or Board of Standards and Appeals applications will be required for this development.)

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