Hidden Assets

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NoHo is full of hidden assets.  Whether down Jones Alley, or 1ST St (or the very hidden First Place) or in the precious Liz Chrity Garden or in the entrepreneurial offices along Lafayette.

If you venture down 1st St. to #6  you’ll find the first of our hidden assets, Howl Happening which is featuring the art of Lower East Side artists Ori Carino and Benjamin Armas.

Voided includes Carino’s protest paintings series as well as several collaborative sculptures by Armas and Carino. The exhibition runs through May 27, 2017. For further information visit Howl! Happening.

NoHo is full of techies whose entities we rarely know, but we were pleased to discover Seat Geek based at 400 Lafayette St. in this week’s New York Business Journal.  In 2009, Jack Groetzinger, Russ D’Souza and Eric Waller launched SeatGeek, which operates primarily as an aggregator of online sites to expedite buying concert and sporting tickets.  According to the New York Business Journal, SeatGeek has been proliferating”  “By 2016, it was reported to generate $73 million (though it won’t confirm that number) in revenue and has grown to 133 employees with 109 based in New York. It will add 115 employees from TopTix.”

We visited their site, and sure enough it is a very straight forward, easy to navigate source for ticket information and purchase.

Our next of our hidden assests has to do with a most entrepreneurial social statement highlighted by amNY:

Just two months after restaurateur Ravi DeRossi came up with the idea for a bar where all proceeds go to nonprofits threatened by the Trump administration’s policies, Coup opened its doors on April 14, with what DeRossi said was a line of about 50 people waiting to get in.

In its first two nights, DeRossi said the bar sold about $20,000 worth of drinks, the profits from which will go to one of six charities.

“It was insane,” said DeRossi, who owns several other restaurants. “People are being really supportive — it’s all people who are just really, ‘Thank you so much for doing this.’ It was packed open to close.”

Patrons at the NoHo bar get to choose from six nonprofits, placing tokens after purchasing a drink into the jar labeled with the group of their choice.

On opening weekend, Planned Parenthood saw the most donations, DeRossi said. The ACLU came in second.

You will find Coup at 64 Cooper Sq. from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m

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