Health & Fitness in Isolation

Health & Fitness in Isolation Presents Its Challenges

We isolate to stay healthy but that’s not enough in itself.  There are deliveries, there are neighbors using the same elevator, there are deliveries.  Every day presents more helpful tips or cautions; we all read them.  Here are a few tips for health & fitness in isolation.

The top question we face, however, is testing, not easy to get since it is still limited to people with symtoms.  This may change eventually as the number of asymptomatic infections become more apparent.  New York State’s Wadsworth Lab has developed a new, less intrusive test for COVID-19. The new test uses a saliva sample and a self-administered short nasal swab in the presence of a health care professional. Additionally, health care professionals can self-administer the test without another health care professional present.  You can visit New York State’s information page for updated details

For many however, having insurance coverage enough to handle whatever you may face, is a growing concern.  Here are three things it might be helpful to know:

Health & Fitness in IsolationWORKOUTS

According to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association, more than four million people in the state of New York visit health clubs of some sort, driving $1.4 billion in revenue every year. No numbers have come out yet about people canceling memberships, or not booking classes, but my guess is it will be big. Noticeably, a popular fitness Instagram account “Sweats & The City” announced its creators will not be attending group workouts for the foreseeable future. Elizabeth Endres and Dale Borvicher, who typically attend classes across the city and review them for their 90,000+ followers, wrote in an Instagram story “when we feel it’s safe to get back in the studios, we will be back in there supporting our instructors and community,” and are now recommending streaming services like Megan Roup’s Sculpt Society app instead.

While going to a workout class is certainly not an “essential” activity, for many people though, myself included, working out is a form of stress-relief and keeps you healthy, two things particularly important right now. So while we will definitely see changes to the fitness industry for now, it’s good to know there are options indoors, and when it’s warm enough, perhaps I will take up running… Gyms and Fitness Classes in Coronavirus Clean Mode, By Lindsay Tuchman NY1

Sculpt Society App  There’s a 14 day free trial and then a month by month program.

Blink Workout Videos  regularly updated on FaceBook.

For Seniors – Silver Sneakers in-home workouts (use a chair for sitting exercises and to help balance in standing exercises).

And a shout out to three home-grown NoHo establishments:

A comprehensive list of NoHo on-line fitness offerings is also published by the NoHo BID HERE