Great Jones St. Is Vehicle-Challenged – UPDATE

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UPDATE:  July 2016 – The Cage Is Gone!

Great Jones St. has a whole lotta vehicle issues

The only vehicles pictured that are NOT marked as NYFD personnel were the crane and the red delivery truck in the moving traffic lane.  All 50 parked cars from Bowery to Lafayette sported a placard!  Now, we know that there are actually two fire companies occupying Engine 33, Ladder 9 Firehouse, plus the additional firetruck cordoned off on the street and we are enormously proud to have such a dedicated firehouse in the middle of NoHo, but….

  1. Why are FDNY placard vehicles in the “No Standing Fire Zone” – Does Ladder 33 somehow collapse into something smaller these days when it has depart or return to Great Jones?
  2. Why is it necessary for 50+ fire personnel to drive to work?  Where’s the bicycle rack?
  3. Why are delivery vehicles getting ticketed when they can’t park in the space they are allowed to use because a placard-vehicle is in it? There ARE businesses trying to survive on Great Jones St., too.
  4. Why is it a good idea to reduce Great Jones to one lane of moving traffic?

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