Tagging at 11 Bleecker St.

All of NoHo has been experiencing increased graffiti or tagging –

most of it on buildings directly, some directly on store windows (which requires entire glass replacement).  We have attended the 9th Precinct Community Council meeting last month particularly in regard to this, delivering 45 pages of pictures of the tags to help detectives identify known taggers and to use the images and locations as evidence for new taggers.

Though of some comfort, the tags documented were not gang identifications;  it seems that what we are experiencing is from would-be artists…another unique phenomenon to Greenwich Village.

If you have any graffiti on your building you can call 311 and ask for a free removal kit.  If you do not own your building, ask the owner to request it.

We will take some more pictures this month and will get them to the next Precinct meeting, scheduled for Tues., 3/18 @ 7:00 PM 9th Pct. Station House, 321 East 5th St. 2nd Floor.  Feel free to attend as well.