Coming to NoHo…UPDATED

There is little happening at the Community Board level this month, but what’s coming to NoHo is a bit more interesting.

Coming to NoHo_25-Bleecker_First Try25 Bleecker St. withdrew their liquor license application.  A meeting was held on October 2nd with owners David Smilow and Joe Gervasi along with immediate neighbors at 21, 26 and 27 Bleecker and 41 Bond to discuss plans and the new roof-top stairwell extension.  Mr. Smilow will return to NoHo neighbors with two new options for consideration.  See previous coverage.


Coming to NoHo_383-lafayette



383 Lafayette St .has received approval from Landmarks.  The DOB applications are now moving forward.  We are waiting for the updated construction schedule from NYU.



The Sheen Center complex, at 26 Bleecker, encompasses two theaters, four rehearsal studios and an Art Gallery. They will be seeking a wine and beer license, which should be on the CB#2 schedule  in November or December, for two very small theater concession counters.  A community agreement that addresses hours of operation, management of patrons entering and leaving for performances and a variety of other details is in the works.  Till then, you should enjoy an installation in the Art Gallery titled #THESUBWAYSERIES, through November 1st.  Scheduled Theater performances, beginning Oct. 15th can be found here .

Coming to NoHo - 11 BondThe Women’s Shelter, 348 Lafayette/11 Bond has recently been purchased by Aby Rosen’s firm RFR Holdings for a reported $27 million.  The 3260 sq. ft. lot has 4.5 floors in the NoHo Historic District, with the individually Landmarked Robbins and Appleton building to its west and the close-to-completion Annabelle Seldof designed building directly north.  It will be interesting to learn what Mr. Rosen intends for this property, part of his recent “buying spree.”  UPDATE: RFR will renovate and re-lease the building to a single high-end tenant. The property is well suited to accommodate a flagship retail destination and will also appeal to boutique office tenants or specialized users.   We should never underestimate Mr. Rosen.

Coming to NoHo_22-Bond25 Great Jones/22 Bond – first proposed as a hotel, then as luxury residences, then reduced by three floors and re-designed by BKSK Architects, refinanced and re-purposed for 6 luxury condos, seems ready to begin construction, again.  SDS having skipped out at the last minute on a long-negotiated Community Agreement  contiguous building owners, NoHo-Bowery Stakeholders when re-financing agreements were put in place, is still the recipient of a law suit instituted by Great Jones St. neighbors as a result of damage to their property during and subsequent to previous construction.

Coming to NoHo_31 Bond31 Bond St. – 9/16/14: Revised application approved at  LPC public meeting, and is now closed. The commissioners felt that the relocation of the rooftop addition to the western side was an improvement as it will now only be seen from secondary facades. They also felt that the modern design using historically appropriate materials at the rear facade blends in with its surroundings. – See more at GVSHP



Updated Parking Regs for Lafayette St. – Soon the daytime parking signs and times should be replaced and consistently from Houston to Astor Place.  Taxi hail zones will be installed on the east side of Lafayette between Bleecker/Bond (the northern four spaces) and between Great Jones and 4th (the northern three spaces), from 7pm to 7am.  No parking except for commercial vehicles 7am to 7 pm will continue.

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