CB2 November Applications

Hung Ry at 55 Bond St.

Hung Ry at 55 Bond seeking a full liquor license

TRAFFIC & TRANSPORTATION Shirley Secunda, Chair.  Tues., 11/8 @ 6:30 PM- Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center, 208 W. 13th St. Room 310

First on the Agenda:
Request for a traffic light and other improvements at intersection of Bleecker and Mott Sts.

This corner has become increasingly dangerous for pedestrians.  The Traffic and Transportation Committee has provided valuable time for this discussion and to make recommendations to the Dept of Transportation for strategies that will reduce the speed of turning vehicles and provide more safety for pedestrians.  Please attend; your testimony and suggestions will be most welcome.

SLA LICENSING # I Richard Stewart Raymond Lee, Co-Chairs.  Tues., 11/8 @ 6:30 PM-NYU Silver Building, 32 Waverly Pl. Room 405

Apps. to the SLA for Alteration to sell liquor on-premise:

#13 Meta Company, LLC d/b/a Hung RyAmerica,55 Bond St.NYC10012

Surprise surprise – they are back for a full OP license…and, according to Crains filed for bankruptcy protection in October.  This location was never before licensed, we opposed the wine and beer but the SLA gave it to them anyway.  This should be opposed strongly this time.

Apps. to the SLA for Corporate Change of an on-premise Liquor License:

#16 9 GJ Bar & Restaurant Inc. d/b/a Acme,9 Great Jones St.NYC10012-(on-premise)

Don’t know what Mr. Pollock is up to this time; there have been significant renovations going on for many months.  The most important piece to watch for is a change in method of operation – capacity, hours, menu and entertainments.

Apps. to the State Liquor Authority (SLA) for New License to sell beer and wine:

#20 Mile EndSandwich, LLC,53 Bond St.NYC10012

Another never before licensed location and potentially the fifth establishment on Bond St. with a liquor license.  A sandwich shop isn’t going to be any more viable than a noodle soup shop and will be highly dependent on liquor sales to survive…meaning liquor is prime and menu is secondary.  The next step will be full OP. The answer should be no.

LAND USE AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT  David Reck, Chair. Thurs., 11/10 @ 6:30 PM – St. Anthony of Padua Church, 151-155 Sullivan St. Lower Hall

#2 The Village Alliance update on a proposed ULURP application to include Eighth Street between Sixth Avenue and Broadway and Sixth Avenue between Waverly Place and West 10th Street in the list of streets where sidewalk cafes are permitted. Eighth Street and the east side ofSixth Avenue would allow small unenclosed sidewalk cafes, while the west side ofSixth Avenue would allow unenclosed sidewalk cafes.

This issue touches the northwestern edge of NoHo.  If you share concerns with most 8th St area residents that additional restaurant activity on the fairly narrow and too well travelled sidewalks on 8th St. are not a welcome ammenity, please attend this meeting.

JOINT ENVIRONMENT, PUBLIC SAFETY & PUBLIC HEALTH & TRAFFIC & TRANSPORTATION Jason Mansfield, Chair, Shirley Secunda, Chair. Mon., 11/14 @ 6:30 PM- Little Red School House, 196 Bleecker St. @ 6th Ave. Auditoriu

Discussion regarding food trucks and carts (enforcement, licensing, applicable rules) with representatives from NYPD, DOT, DOHMH.

The food truck phenomenon is growing rapidly.  The good news is they can’t serve alcohol and be open till 4 am – in front of your house.  The bad news is that the City hasn’t any real guidelines.  

UPDATE: Comment from Shirley Secunda, Chair, Traffic and TRansportation Committee –my impression is that they really aren’t supposed to park anywhere, including where it’s legal (altho’ we’ll try to ascertain exactly what the rules are at the meeting).  I know for sure that they’re not allowed in No Parking 8-6 pm zones and also aren’t supposed to use parking meters (which they go ahead and do anyway and without paying), but I’ve also been told in passing they’re really not legal anywhere (and then, of course, there is the idling problem).


9th PRECINCT COMMUNITY COUNCIL: Tues.,  11/15 @ 7:00 PM  9th Pct. Station House, 321 East 5th St. 2nd Floor

STATE LIQUOR AUTHORITY TOWN HALL MEETING. Tues., 11/29 @ 6:30 PM-P.S. 41, 116 West 11th Street, Auditorium

Presentation by NYS Liquor Authority re:  Application process and enforcement issues.

Don’t understand why the SLA is granting licenses the community has opposed?  Don’t understand why they are granting Wine and Beer in already dense areas?  Don’t understand what the SLA can enforce and what they can’t?  ATTEND THIS MEETING !

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