UPDATED: Bowery Bar Adds Sidewalk Cafe and Take-Out Window

Bowery Bar Sidewalk Plan 2011

24 Seats and a Take-Out Counter

The B Bar

UPDATE:  The CB#2 Sidewalk Committee agreed that the B Bar needs to address how they are going to handle the patrons they already have before they are granted public space for even more.  That said, Eric Goode has agreed to more detailed discussion regarding the B Bar and its new plans.  We expect mutually advantageous results.

And, to our chroniclers at Grubstreet, for the record, NoHo has written agreements with all the sidewalk cafes along the Bowery and elsewhere throughout NoHo, sought by the restaurateurs, which is why they were granted in the first place.  It has turned out to be a mutually advantageous and neighborly strategy.


Last minute additions to the CB#2 Sidewalk Cafe agenda include a 28 seat sidewalk cafe with a 10′ sidewalk take-out window at the Bowery Bar.  Looks like the B Bar, now down to a 3 rating on Yelp is looking for a new hook or a way to attract the street walking crowd on weekends. 

If your concerned that the scene they seem not to be able to contain, inside, is going to be even more poorly managed outside, come to the Sidewalk Committee hearing Monday night, Feb. 14th at 6:30 pm, at the Little Red School House Auditorium, (Bleecker @ Sixth Ave.).


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