33 Bond St.

33 Bond St. Additions – Computer Model

33 Bond Street presented applications to both CB#2 and to the Landmarks Preservation Commission in October, for roof-top and rear yard additions.  The application was denied at CB#2 and not ruled upon at Landmarks.

The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation (GVSHP) writes:
In general, the Commission thought the proposed addition was overwhelming and added far too much bulk to a modestly-scaled building. They thought the proposal needed “wholesale” work, as it “obliterates the building’s original scale and massing.” They agreed that while some sort of rooftop addition might be acceptable, it would need to be significantly smaller. The Commission did not vote on the application, but rather asked the applicant to return with revisions at a future public meeting (date TBD).
We understand that a decent contingent of NoHo property owners were present at these hearings.  Thank you.

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