298-304 Mulberry Street

98-304 Mulberry St.Broad Street Development plans to demolish cantilever building, one half of $178M Noho portfolio at 298-304 Mulberry St.

In late December Broad Street Development filed an application for the transfer of 25,000 sq. ft air rights from the 298 Mulberry St. building to 304.  You can read The Real Deal coverage here.
298-304 Mulberry-Air-rightsThough cut out of the historic district and not in the M1-5b zone (it is C6-3), both buildings at 298-304 Mulberry Street are in the Little Italy Special District – Sections A and B, which, at first blush, would seem to limit the developers plan – both in maximum allowable height and in the required public open space, thus meaning some “special permit” situation may also be necessary.  Further, given the size and number of units planned for the demolished space, we would think an affordable housing component would be more reasonable here than the typical NoHo rehab or development.
The most affected property will be 36 Bleecker.  36 Bleecker is landmarked and has had to restore the entire west wall which turned out to be structurally decayed.  Don’t know what affect demolition of 304, which physically touches 36 Bleecker’s west wall, will have, but it could clearly obstruct west wall windows on the upper floors.
Also, this site is on top of much of the newly constructed Bleecker St subway station.  We suspect that the current cantaliver on 304 (Bleecker Side) and the open yard was designed to avoid messing with the MTA’s substructure at this location.
Stay tuned !

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