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Volume III, No. 9

March 2008


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From  According to some breaking news in The Real Deal, Cooper Union is this close to selling its building 51 Astor Place (above) to developer Edward Minskoff for an office tower.

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Our New Guest Editor is Brent Buell

NoHo Residents Investigating Formation of a Non-Profit NoHo/Bowery Partnership.  An exploratory committee has been formed of residents, property and business owners in NoHo, to introduce NoHo to the Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless (A.C.E.) and their local initiatives, the SoHo Partnership and the TriBeCa Partnership.

  • As NoHo evolves toward a more vibrant live/work and arts based community the Committee has two concerns:
    That the effort we put into to keeping our neighborhood contextual and vibrant can be apparent on well-kept streets and sidewalks.
  • That we do not forget our long established reputation for supporting programs that improve the prospects for those less fortunate.

With that in mind, they are exploring a possible collaboration with A.C.E. in forming a not-for-profit, the NoHo/Bowery Partnership, that would, by donations, provide street cleaning and other sidewalk maintenance services seven days a week from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, 362 days a year. The initial sweep areas would include Bleecker, Bond, and The Bowery. A  NoHo/Bowery Partnership would be under the A.C.E. umbrella and managed by their experienced staff. 

The area West of the the East side of Lafayette St. is maintained by the NoHo BID.

What's Going Up....
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NYU Growth Projections

Survey of Open House Comments



8-10 Bond St.  -UPDATE:  The application for an as-of-right hotel at this location which was heard at CB#2 Manhattan's Zoning Committee in October is still on hold.  The design was reviewed at the Landmarks Preservation Committee Jan 8.  You can read Bradley Hope's October article in the NY Sun: NY Sun - NoHo Spotlighted in the Trend for Entertainment Hotels .


22 Bond St/23 Great Jones St. (Block 530, Lot 19) -- this through lot, currently a two-story building is rumored to be an as-of-right 14 story hotel.  DOB job filings however indicate that it is to be a nine-story building with hotel use from the fourth to the ninth floors. Job Description: Vertical extension to existing 2 story building ( cellar, 1st & 2nd). Add 3rd thru 9th floors to be used as hotel suites. Change of use on 2nd floor to Joint Living & work quarter. Obtain new CO.   According to DOB records the plan was disapproved in February..  You have all probably noted, however, that the cellar on the Great Jones St side has been excavated and re-shored When and if we discover anything more on this we will post it.  


25 Bond

100 running feet of granite sidewalk is installed and each day more complete as the artist- etched surface reveals itself.  There is no doubt that Goldman Properties has taken contextual to heart and new heights



32-40 Bond St. - for about a "minute" here's the view of 32-40 Bond St. from a Bleecker rooftop.  The set-back terrace just got its trees.  We understand there are still units for sale on these floors and for some ground-floor duplexes.
On the left is the east side of 35-39 Bond St., soon to be covered by the new buildings at 43 Bond.  Note the demolition at 43 Bond underway.  And then there is the mysterious 3-story addition going up, note grey brick and concrete  - without permits at 45 Bond.



41-43 Bond St. - Phase Two will be a review of plans for the new building, which is designed in 20th Century manufacturing style to compliment other landmarked buildings on the block.  Eventually these plans will have review by CB#2 Landmarks and Zoning Committees before they are considered for their Board of Standards and Appeals application for a change of use to residential.  

Photo of Jan 9:  Scaffolding covered in blue netting to contain dust belongs to 41-43 Bond St.  East of that, at 45 Bond, illegal scaffolding and construction to build a 3-story addition




2007_9_48bond.jpg46-48 Bond St.:   Architect Deborah Berke, (this is her first residential condo project) explains:  The façade of 48 Bond is an elegant composition of slabs of granite and sheets of glass. The scale of the material is unusually large, contributing to its abstract and bold quality. The stone and glass play off each other and accentuate their contrasting textures.

Full Coverage at  (Photo from Curbed )



Edison Parking to Develop Five Lots at Lafayette and Great Jones.  On Dec. 21st. over 30 NoHo residents and property owners met with Jerry Gottesman, Owner, Edison Properties.  Mr. Gottesman, who also owns Manhattan Mini Storage and the Hippodrome, as well as the just developed Ludlow, purchased the adjacent 30 Great Jones St. property in September and quickly began its demolition.  

Meanwhile, the following and more can be found in The New York Sun coverage by Michael Stoler:

In Manhattan, one of the largest owners of parking lots, Edison Properties, is in the process of converting sites into residential developments. Later this year, the leasing office will open for the Ludlow, a residential rental apartment building located across from the famed Katz's Delicatessen at 207–215 E. Houston St. A portion of the units will qualify as affordable housing.

The initial plan is for a hotel; in the meantime, however, Mr. Gottesman intends to opposed Landmarking for the property and to seek a zoning change for NoHo.  City officials and NoHo have expressed strong opposition to either condition for the property.  In November  Curbed uncovered the following: 


East 4th St. Water Tunnel Construction - This project which began last year will be here for awhile.  We understand that the major blasting has subsided.  For those who fear for the safety of The Merchant's House and Skidmore House, the Borough President's office is actively engaged in monitoring, with the ever watchful eye of Pi Gardner, Exec. Director of the Merchants House.

When it is finished, we expect that this will become a park.  The DEP has, however, transferred the air rights back to the owners of the property -- the Goldman Family -- who have in turn leased this property and the Skidmore House and the parking lot to Atlantic Development for 70 years.  See the Skidmore House entry for more.  (Photo:  Adam Woodward).  Senator Tom Duane has convened several meetings, with CB#2 member Toby Bergman present, along with Pi Gardner of the Merchants House, Stan Ries and Zella Jones of the NoHo NA, John Fout of Councilmember Mendez staff and Gregory Bender of Assemblymember Deborah Glick's staff to get the particulars on where this park stands in present plans.


372 Lafayette St. - UPDATE:  Still in Limbo  Stay Tuned! 
A revision on a Landmarks application of last year and also a future BSA application.  Originally planned as a five story office/retail building built of shipping containers, the new application will be for residential with groundfloor retail.  Although the novel shipping container construction is 25% (at least) cheaper to build, they will be asking for a BSA hardship because they won't  make enough if the building is for small office space!   See coverage.


363 Lafayette @ Great Jones- (SE Corner - former Jones Diner) - UPDATE:  This location may be filing for an as-of-right Office Building. 

PAST INFO:  The Attorney and the applicant made a presentation to NoHo in May, 2006.  Though a confusing design (at best), the proposed six-story building will preserve many of the lot line windows in contiguous buildings.  The applicant will be seeking a variance for residential and groundfloor retail and may be amenable to a restriction on bars or restaurants. The 20 Bond St. Co-Op is still negotiating with the developer for a more compatible design.  The billboard erected inside the fencing at this location is, unfortunately, legal !

Parking Lot & Skidmore House at East 4th and Bowery- There was a hearing at CB#2 Landmarks Committee, Tuesday, January 2, 2006.  You can read excellent background in The Villager or at Curbed   At the Landmarks Committee hearing the new plans were presented:   150' height (not including mechanicals) on a 12,000 sq. ft Footprint; 10,050 sq. ft. ground floor retail; 80:20 market rate to affordable housing. 

Atlantic Development has been granted a change of use for the Skidmore House by the Landmarks Commission as part of a 74-711 application, which, in essence asks for size and use changes on the non historic parcels in exchange for restoring the Skidmore House   The ULURP application has been approved at CB#2, with conditions regarding construction protocols and a restriction on the size of any potential restaurant tenant (to Public Assembly of no more than 100 persons). 

402-408 Lafayette -(Crunch Gym Building) in the NoHo I landmark district has made several applications to landmarks for renovations to groundfloor entrances on Lafayette and on Broadway as well as a rooftop addition and a request for a 74-711 action for a change of use, which would be for a Hotel.   The Landmarks application is currently on hold at Landmarks.   

Day Life/Nightlife ...

The Lafayette St and Bowery corridors are oversaturated with Liquor Licenses.  In addition to the potential for negatively affecting quality of life for the many residents, it also affects the competitive health of licensed establishments and businesses that have shown compatibility with our neighborhood. 

SLA Task Force Report, Dec 06

Padavan Law/500 ft Rule Explained

316 Bowery - NoHo has brokered a highly favorable agreement with the new operators at this location - Superior LLC (owners of Public on Elizabeth).  Renovations on the Manahatta space will begin January 15th with opening scheduled for April.  This WILL be a restaurant and the license is for Restaurant, Only use.


Getting Around...

Houston St. Construction  - Construction on the Houston St. road bed is now in full Phase II, meaning it is in the NoHo portion of Houston St.   Most of the roadbed work will be done from 7 AM to 6 PM, Monday through Friday.  But NoHo can expect weekend night work also regularly.

All known service interruptions will be posted on area buildings.  Anyone who is or knows someone, disabled should notify Karen Flores (212-337-3594), the Community Construction Liaison, so she can take special measures to protect their needs and safety during construction.  To subscribe to a daily community construction update go to . (Photo:  Adam Woodward). 


The SoHo Journal Politics Blog covers the issues behind the issues. Beware!


Don't forget to visit NoHo Arts & Culture listing over 60 artists and art-supporting institutions in our neighborhood.

If you have additional suggestions, are an artist living in NoHo, have any professional photography of our neighborhood, or slides of your artwork, please forward them.

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You can also visit NoHo at - look for NoHo Manhattan. I-neighbors is run by a team of faculty and students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). I-neighbors was designed to encourage neighborhood participation and to help people form local social ties.

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