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Volume III, No. 2

July 2007

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NYU Planning Team in Place - with
BP's Community Task Force on NYU Development

Landmarking NoHo III

NoHo Arts - This month we bring you an announcement from the Bond Street Theater Folks. Do check the blog and the photography on Flickr. 

New Noise Code - Takes effect July 1st.  Get a very useful booklet HERE

Day Life, Night Life

The Bowery Corridor ...More Updates

New and Totally Awesome

  • New York CityMap.  Put in an address, then click on DETAILS - Building Info, Voting District, Health Status, the list is VERY impressive...and so is the info !

Alerts for: NoHo Manhattan

Daniel Boulud at Avalon Chrystie - Boulud on Bowery #03: DBGB Shall Be the New CBGB , Tuesday, July 10, 2007, Curbed

Sam Chang Buys Whitehouse Hotel for $7.8 M.
New York Observer  - July 10, 2007
Can anyone in the New York City hotel business keep up with Sam Chang?
On June 11, the prolific hotelier purchased the Whitehouse Hotel at 338 Bowery for $7.8 million, according to city records

More Condos for Bond Street? You Know It
New York Observer - June 21, 2007 10:00 am

Bond Street may soon be renamed “Condo Row.”


The Bowery - the 3rd & 4th Avenues Subcommittee has been added to the CB#3 schedule.  To review what the Bowery Initiative entails specifically,  GVSHP offered the following in their latest newsletter” 

We have also begun to work with local community groups on examining the terribly inadequate zoning for the Bowery, where shockingly out-of-scale new developments like a 23-story hotel at 5th Street are going up. See .


CB#3 Subcommittee to the 197 Plan Task Force = Monday, July 16 - 6:30pm -- University Settlement, Speyer Hall - 184 Eldridge Street (btwn Rivington & Delancey Sts) Second topic includes discussion of Bowery between 1st St and 7th St rezoning

Save the Bowery Petition to City Council to move an agenda for protection and re-zoning

Bowery and Lafayette Corridor Liquor License Locations.  Download Full Map

SLA Task Force Report, Dec 06

Getting Around...

Houston St. Construction  - Construction on the Houston St. road bed is now in full Phase II, meaning it is in the NoHo portion of Houston St.   Most of the roadbed work will be done from 7 AM to 6 PM, Monday through Friday.  But NoHo can expect weekend night work also regularly.

All known service interruptions will be posted on area buildings.  Anyone who is or knows someone, disabled should notify Karen Flores (212-337-3594), the Community Construction Liaison, so she can take special measures to protect their needs and safety during construction.  To subscribe to a daily community construction update go to . (Photo:  Adam Woodward). 

What's Going Up....
NYU Properties Map
Download the NYU Properties Map

NYU Plans -- We have been working closely with NYU, The Borough President's office, Councilman Gerson and others to develop a constructive dialogue regarding NYU expansion and cooperative efforts regarding general quality of life concerns.  There have been three Task Force meetings so far this year which have been instrumental in finally getting a serious NYU Planning Team in place which has been charged with working with this Task Force and individually with neighborhood organizations in planning the future development of NYU.  You can download the June PowerPoint presentation


For NoHo all discussions are in the capable hands of the NoHo NA Subcommittee on NYU Development (specifically the 383 Lafayette site).  At present the only expressed intent is to investigate the development of a Tisch School Performing Arts Center.  All aspects, including uses, landmarks, bulk will be discussed and shared with the NoHo NA Membership.


8-10 Bond St.  -A community meeting was held in may with the attorney and architects for this site.  The BSA application for a seven story high end residential building with retail on the first floor has not yet been scheduled. Watch the Zoning Committee Calendar (go to "Calendar" at the CB#2 Website)  You can see the proposed building at (be warned, their flash site takes forever to load -- even with high-speed access)  click on projects.  There was a meeting on June 27, 2006 to discuss this and two other BSA applications that propose to develop residential and retail.  The issues are design and what kind of retail we, as a community, want to allow.  Our current M1-5b zoning restricts a number of categories (but unfortunately does allow more bars...and billboards!).


22 Bond St/23 Great Jones St. (Block 530, Lot 19) -- this through lot, currently a two-story building is rumored to be an as-of-right 14 story hotel.  DOB job filings however indicate that it is to be a nine-story building with hotel use from the fourth to the ninth floors. Job Description: Vertical extension to existing 2 story building ( cellar, 1st & 2nd). Add 3rd thru 9th floors to be used as hotel suites. Change of use on 2nd floor to Joint Living & work quarter. Obtain new CO.   According to DOB records the plan was disapproved in February..  You have all probably noted, however, that the cellar on the Great Jones St side has been excavated and re-shored When and if we discover anything more on this we will post it.  



After months of hiding behind a big white shroud the new residential condo at
25 Bond
in NoHo at last reveals its handsome face. "Eight stories of hefty rough-cut Jerusalem limestone partnered with details of dark bronzed steel. It's been designed by architect George Schieferdecker of BKSK Architects as six stories of four bold asymmetrically arranged sections with recessed windows down below and a couple of stories of contrasting steel crowning the top. The building runs for a full 100 feet along Bond Street across from Ian Schrager / Herzog and de Meuron's all glass palace at 40 Bond," as quoted from Wired New York


Before it is completed, however, there will be a full 100 running feet of granite sidewalk, artist- etched and continuing into the main lobby.  There is no doubt that Goldman Properties has taken contextual to heart and new heights.


32-40 Bond St.:  The Graffiti Gates have arrived --See coverage.   Want to see the plans?  Visit 285 Lafayette Street.  Ian Schrager has devoted a whole store-front to this development.  Or you can visit !  OR you can read an extensive review at Triple Mint !!

40 Bond will have 27 loft style apartments. Five townhouses will have their own separate entrances and private rear gardens. A triplex penthouse will top the 11-story condo. Units will have dual gas and wood-burning fireplaces custom designed by Herzog & de Meuron. Floors will be wide-plank oak, and ceiling heights will be over 11 feet. Floor to ceiling windows will be fully-operable. Fixtures will include lighting by Jasper Morrison and kitchen appliances from Miele. A long list of amenities includes concierge services provided by the staff at the Gramercy Park Hotel on 24-hour call." 

(Photo: )


41-43 Bond St. - Self-storage king Adam Gordon plans to break ground on a nine-story condominium at 41-43 Bond Street later this year. Mr. Gordon’s Adam Gordon Holdings closed on the buildings located at that address in June for $7.7 million, according to city records.

“I decided to go forward with the project because I really think that the cast-iron and terra cotta architecture and cobblestone streets make Bond Street unique,” Mr. Gordon told The Observer.

41-43 Bond Street is not the only property on the block that Mr. Gordon snatched up recently. He also bought the Bouwerie Lane Theater at 54 Bond Street. He intends to make the landmarked building his home after he unloads his current spread at 92 Jane Street, which is on the market for $14.9 million.




46-48 Bond St.:   New Special permit application to build 11 stories residential/retail.  The developer, Don Capocia (principal/Owner Great Jones Lumber) engaged a second architect who, at least for the BSA hearings, designed a building more contributing to the architecture of this street.  The latest renderings, however, look pretty much like the original Upper-East Side look-alike. Though originally proposed as rental units, we learn from Curbed coverage that 14 condo units will be sold starting at $2,000,000. 

Architect Deborah Berke, (this is her first residential condo project) explains:  The façade of 48 Bond is an elegant composition of slabs of granite and sheets of glass. The scale of the material is unusually large, contributing to its abstract and bold quality. The stone and glass play off each other and accentuate their contrasting textures.



Water Tunnel Construction - This project which began last year will be here for awhile.  We understand that the major blasting has subsided.  For those who fear for the safety of The Merchant's House and Skidmore House, the Borough President's office is actively engaged in monitoring, with the ever watchful eye of Pi Gardner, Exec. Director of the Merchants House.

When it is finished, we expect that this will become a park.  The DEP has, however, transferred the air rights back to the owners of the property -- the Goldman Family -- who have in turn leased this property and the Skidmore House and the parking lot to Atlantic Development for 70 years.  See the Skidmore House entry for more.  (Photo:  Adam Woodward).  Senator Tom Duane has convened several meetings, with CB#2 member Toby Bergman present, along with Pi Gardner of the Merchants House, Stan Ries and Zella Jones of the NoHo NA, John Fout of Councilmember Mendez staff and Gregory Bender of Assemblymember Deborah Glick's staff to get the particulars on where this park stands in present plans.


372 Lafayette St. - A revision on a Landmarks application of last year and also a future BSA application.  Originally planned as a five story office/retail building built of shipping containers, the new application will be for residential with groundfloor retail.  Although the novel shipping container construction is 25% (at least) cheaper to build, they will be asking for a BSA hardship because they won't  make enough if the building is for small office space!   See coverage.


363 Lafayette @ Great Jones- (SE Corner - former Jones Diner) - The Attorney and the applicant made a presentation to NoHo in May, 2006.  Though a confusing design (at best), the proposed six-story building will preserve many of the lot line windows in contiguous buildings.  The applicant will be seeking a variance for residential and groundfloor retail and may be amenable to a restriction on bars or restaurants. The 20 Bond St. Co-Op is still negotiating with the developer for a more compatible design.  The billboard recently erected inside the fencing at this location is being investigated by the Borough President's office.  It is likely that it falls just under the limit in size for a billboard in this neighborhood -- but certainly initiates a new trend in lot use and how to insult a neighborhood while construction plans are finalized !


Parking Lot & Skidmore House at East 4th and Bowery- There was a hearing at CB#2 Landmarks Committee, Tuesday, January 2, 2006.  You can read excellent background in The Villager or at Curbed   At the Landmarks Committee hearing the new plans were presented:   150' height (not including mechanicals) on a 12,000 sq. ft Footprint; 10,050 sq. ft. ground floor retail; 80:20 market rate to affordable housing.  Atlantic Development has been granted a change of use for the Skidmore House by the Landmarks Commission as part of a 74-711 application, which, in essence asks for size and use changes on the non historic parcels in exchange for restoring the Skidmore House (which was previously ordered by the Court as a result of the Goldman's neglect).   There have been several meetings, one in the Borough President's office, updating the current status of this site.  At present we have not seen a ULURP proposal which we anticipate soon. 


The Bowery Hotel -- it may have five liquor-serving establishments, but there is no mistaking the sophistication of their initial target market in the decor, or in the cozy niches they've created emanating from the Lobby.  And, if you aren't quite ready for that much class, Vanity Fair thinks you are...Check it out here.  Of course they have also given the area East of NoHo a new name -- BoHo.  PULEEZE !

There is a liquor license application in front of CB#3 this month (June) for the restaurant at the corner of Third St and Bowery -- it is to be a Trattoria, but with two sides on streetfront there is plenty of opportunity for this to become an extension of The Bowery Bar across the street (whose owner is tied to the Bowery Hotel investors).  Covenants anyone !  See also Nightlife.

Or perhaps you would prefer to wax nostalgic, in which case The Gothamist recently ran an interesting piece on the Bowery and its transformation as well:  With the Bowery Hotel now open, Gothamist thought it was worth taking one final look at the Bowery of the 1970s and '80s through the lens of Luc Sante, author of Low Life: Lures and Snares of Old New York. Click here for full article


East Houston and Mulberry -- Eleven stories with an "undulating" fascade. 
Isn't this the Little Italy Special District? 
You better keep checking Curbed on this one: 








1-4 East 4th St., 306 Bowery and Skidmore House --  See above.

NoHo III - With the purchase of 41-43 Bond St. (see above) and its planned demolition to become a nine-story condo, it is a travesty that the Landmarks Preservation Commission has NOT announced the calendaring of NoHo III on the 2007/2008 agenda.  We urge you to write Councilman Gerson to push further on this agenda. 

Address: 51 Chambers St., Suite 429, New York, NY 10007
Phone: (212) 788-7722
Fax: (212) 788-7727
Email Address:

 See also the Article in the New York Sun.

Nightlife ...

The Lafayette St and Bowery corridors are oversaturated with Liquor Licenses.  In addition to the potential for negatively affecting quality of life for the many residents, it also affects the competitive health of licensed establishments and businesses that have shown compatibility with our neighborhood.  We have been circulating a petition for signatures that will be used to invoke 500 ft rule hearings when new or additional licenses are sought at CB#2 (or CB#3).  Do feel free to request a copy to sign. 

License density within 500 ft of 1 Bleecker St.
 A new application for 312 Bowery was listed on this months CB#2 Business Committee calendar.  The applicant did withdrew from this months hearing.  The NoHo NA will be opposing any liquor licensed business at this location since it has more than 23 licensed establishments within 500 Ft.

45 Bleecker Theater - This application which originally appeared in May for a full liquor license, a cabaret and a restaurant has also been the remanded to local negotiation by CB#2.  At this point, the applicant has agreed to a wine & beer license, only, limited hours, no restaurant, though a snack concession for patrons is preferred.  There are, as well, a number of safety, landmarks and DOB permit issues still to be resolved.  Neighbors are opposed to the serving of food - contributing to rodent and sanitation issues in this location.  More than 170 signatures opposing additional licenses on the Lafayette St corridor have also been collected, though the neighborhood does favor Theater activity.  This application will be heard at this months CB#2 Business Committee meeting on Tuesday, July 10th.

CB#3 Calendar

License Density within 500 ft of Bowery Hotel at 3rd St and Bowery

The sidewalk café application for Bowery F&B, 4 E 3rd St (Bowery Hotel) was denied at the CB#3 Full Board Meeting.  Another Public Hearing at the Dept of Consumer Affairs will be scheduled where additional public comment will be taken.

An application for Bowery Restaurant LLC, Daniel Boulud - Dinex Corp) to be located at 1 Chrystie Place (next to the Liz Christie Garden) will be heard at CB#3 on Monday, July 16 .JASA/Green Residence - 200 East 5th Street (btwn Bowery & 2nd Ave).  After many months of conversations, introductions to community residents and the Liz Christie Garden and negotiations, this applicant will agree to a Restaurant Only license, will close at 1:00 a.m. Monday thru Thursday and 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday, and will make any future plans for a sidewalk cafe contingent on Community approval. NoHo will endorse this application - with covenant, attached to license - hoping that the reputation of this famous restaurateur and the precedent of the covenant and community cooperation will affect future restaurant applications at the Avalon Christie Complex whose ULURP was dependent upon ground floor commercial revenue. 

And then all the details via Curbed:

BREAKING Exclusive: Daniel Boulud Planning DBGB for the Bowery [~E~]
· Boulud on Bowery #01: $29 Hamburgers Coming Soon [~E~]
· Boulud on Bowery #02: The Floor Plan Revealed! [~E~]



The SoHo Journal Politics Blog covers the issues behind the issues. Beware!


NoHo Arts

This month we bring you an announcement from the Bond Street Theater Folks. 
Do check the blog and the photography on Flickr. 

Dear friends of Bond Street Theatre --

We are back from three months of Artistic-Educational-Humanitarian projects in India and Afghanistan !! 

As a quick update before our newsletter comes out, here are links to pictures and stories from the tour... 

The India part of the project was an amazing three-country collaboration between Bond Street Theatre, Exile Theatre of Afghanistan, Purvabhyas Theatre of Delhi, Banglanatak in Kolkata, UNICEF, Gandhi Smriti in Delhi, puppeteer-paper theatre artist Jenny Romaine (Great Small Works), Gatividhi Theatre in Bihar, Koshish Theatre in Hyderabad, Spandan Theatre in Bandel, Nandikar Theatre of Kolkata, and many other Indian artists and organizations that serve the public good. 

In Afghanistan, thanks to the Riverside Church Sharing Fund and TCG-ITI, we collaborated with our friends, Exile Theatre of Kabul, and worked with the Aschiana Center for Street-Working Children in Mazar-i-Sharif and Kabul, and met with artists from Foundation for Culture and Civil Society in Kabul and Mediothek Girl's Theatre in Kunduz.

From Feb-May 2007, our three-country team created and performed an entertaining (and educational) street show, "The Kite's Tale," led training workshops for local artists working for social change, trained teachers and trainers, and taught workshops for street-working children, rural women, vocational students, teens, adults, actors and non-actors.

Here is a link to the Bond Street Blog for an account of the trip (edited by Sage Clemenco):

Here is the link to some great photos from India and Afghanistan on Flickr:

We hope you enjoy them!

Best ---
Meghan Frank, Joanna Sherman and Michael McGuigan of Bond Street Theatre


Don't forget to visit NoHo Arts & Culture listing over 60 artists and art-supporting institutions in our neighborhood.

If you have additional suggestions, are an artist living in NoHo, have any professional photography of our neighborhood, or slides of your artwork, please forward them.

Don't forget to use the Activist Links page

You can also visit NoHo at - look for NoHo Mnhattan. I-neighbors is run by a team of faculty and students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). I-neighbors was designed to encourage neighborhood participation and to help people form local social ties.

Managing Editor
Zella Jones

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