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Zella Jones


02/21/2010 02:06 PM


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More Property Background...
regularly updated details on Properties in Development in NoHo


8-10 Bond St. - UPDATE:  This parcel is up for sale again.

A BSA variance for a proposed hotel at 8-10 Bond St. was heard in February, 2008. 
It had previously been before the Community Board for a landmark application when it was to be a residential co-op and still reflects that architecture.
The variance is for uses below the level of the second floor that are not allowed in an M1-5B zone.  The six-story building, plus penthouse and mechanicals also has two below grade floors, one of which is proposed as a physical culture facility, the ground floor with a 2900 sq ft restaurant, a second floor restaurant with a terrace for outside dining and a roof for entertaining, food and beverage service.  We were able to prohibit the granting of any liquor licenses to the below grade space (currenty slated for a health club); prohibit use of the second floor terrace, which directly abutted two buildings on Great Jones St. for any service and prohibit the roof top for any food, beverage or catering service.  See the resolution.





41-43 Bond St. - The building is designed in 20th Century manufacturing style to compliment other landmarked buildings on the block.  These plans have been by CB#2 Landmarks and the full Board.  The BSA variance is approved.  Construction is underway.  Interior work is scheduled to begin in Spring 2010. 




45 Bond St. - A bit aesthetically challenged, and still claiming to be a commercial office building, Mr. Weiss has somehow eluded LPC and DOB and the Loft Board's scrutiny.....now isn't that amazing! 





372 Lafayette St. - There seems to be no progress on the originally proposed building made of Shipping Containers.  The businesses currently on this parcel still have remaining time on their leases.



363 Lafayette @ Great Jones- (SE Corner - former Jones Diner) - UPDATE:  This location may be filing for an as-of-right Office Building.  The owners of 20 Bond St. have won an application to the Board of Standards and Appeals regarding DOB's lack of notification to the Landmarks Commission for review of the amended design and use of this building.  BSBK Architects are expected to file plans for review in the near future. 

PAST INFO:  The Attorney and the applicant made a presentation to NoHo in May, 2006.  Though a confusing design (at best), the proposed six-story building will preserve many of the lot line windows in contiguous buildings.  The applicant will be seeking a variance for residential and groundfloor retail and may be amenable to a restriction on bars or restaurants. The 20 Bond St. Co-Op is still negotiating with the developer for a more compatible design.  The billboard erected inside the fencing at this location is, unfortunately, legal !

Parking Lot & Skidmore House at East 4th and Bowery- this 15-story residential building with groundfloor retail components is nearly complete.  Construction on the Skidmore House continues.






402-408 Lafayette -(Crunch Gym Building) in the NoHo I landmark district has made several applications to landmarks for renovations to groundfloor entrances on Lafayette and on Broadway as well as a rooftop addition and a request for a 74-711 action for a change of use, which would be for a Hotel.   The Landmarks application is currently on hold at Landmarks.   


If you have additional suggestions, are an artist living in NoHo, have any professional photography of our neighborhood, or slides of your artwork, please forward them to zella at nohomanhattan.org. Forgive the spell-out here but spamming robots have been stealing the actually linked address.

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You can also visit NoHo at i-neighborhoods.org - look for NoHo Manhattan. I-neighbors is run by a team of faculty and students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). I-neighbors was designed to encourage neighborhood participation and to help people form local social ties.

Managing Editor
Zella Jones

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