Proximo Spirits Distillery Wants Great Jones

Proximo Spirits DistilleryProximo Spirits Distillery application for 686 Broadway comes to the Community Board August 8th for a bourbon distillery, bar and restaurant.  

In spite of being an enterprise of questionable “Public Good” which should prompt thorough public debate, Proximo Spirits Distillery application will be pushed for resolution in August.  This is a month when the Full Board cannot vote on its official approval.  As such it could be approved by the State SLA prior to – and in spite of – CB#2 Manhattan’s official opinion.  It is also a month when many NoHo stakeholders are out of town.

Proximo Spirits Distillery Issues:

  1. The total current bulk of this Distillery/Restaurant is over 10,000 sq. ft. , it is located in an M1-5b zone.  As such this proposal violates several zoning restrictions.
  2. Office Depot, a previous tenant at this address added a mezzanine floor creating additional interior footage.
  3. This address has never before been licensed and the area within 500 ft is already over-saturated with eight licensed establishments within 500 ft.
  4. It’s sole purpose is to promote the consumption of Bourbon, located in the middle of the NYU Campus along Broadway.
  5. Venting – kitchen, fermentation still as well as HVAC.  This building is two stories surrounded by 12-story buildings.  Odors, grease and noise will be trapped between them and permeate Great Jones Alley
  6. Deliveries, carting and distribution will occur from a loading dock in Great Jones Alley – a privately secured and managed road bed.

The Great Jones Distillery, billed as the “first distillery in Manhattan since prohibition,” further attempts to capitalize on an entirely different history cherished by Great Jones St. and its stakeholders by using its name.

Signatures of NoHo residents and property owners wishing to oppose this application or its process, can do so online.   You may also leave comments for testimony to be delivered to CB#2 Manhattan.

NoHo-Bowery Stakeholders will be meeting with Proximo Spirits representative on Wednesday, July 26th.  Updates will be posted.  The hearing is planned for August 8th, 6:30 PM, St. Anthony’s Church, Lower Hall, 151-155 Sullivan St.

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